What are Notional Learning Hours and why they are important?

If you are enrolling to new university or to a collage it's really important to know what are notional learning hours.

Simply, Notional Learning Hours are how many hours that you are spending on a module for a particular degree program.

What you can get to know from Notional Learning Hours? 

Well it's simple, you can get to know by knowing how many Notional Hours per module the lecture hours, practicals, lab sessions, presentation, field visits, assignments, course works, projects for a module.

In each and every university organization they need to get the degree program approved by the education ministry of the country, and when they attempting to get the approval there are set of standards needs to follow to create a specific level of degree program. 

When you are searching to get enroll for a degree program you can simply ask from the university or from the university website what are the notional learning hours for the degree program. Be very careful when you are searching for information and ask specifically and try to get written evidence because in some case they might lie to you on notional hours.

Why Notional Learning Hours are important?

Notional Learning Hours are important because they are being involve in the your university credits. After doing your Bachelor and when you plan to your masters and applying for a quality and may be to your dream university and when that university (university that you apply for masters) evaluating your credits and notional learning hours for the degree program along with learning outcome from the program.

So when they don't align properly it will be a mess and your application might be get rejected. And even when you are going to get step into a career it's important that you have choose the best way, with good credits and good notional learning hours.

When it comes multiple locations in the world there are problems which are caused by affiliated university programs along with the other degree programs which are local. And the affiliated university in your local might lie to you in notional learning hours because they don't have resource to cater the actual notional learning hours. 

Be careful when you are enrolling to a new degree program or masters. Don't just get on board due to hot marketing lady or get yourself into a well organized frauds.