Toyota's new 2 Liter Hybrid System (THS II)

Toyota 2 Liter Hybrid System

Toyota 2 Liter Hybrid System

Toyota new 2.0 Liter Toyota Hybrid System with size reduction, weight reduction and mechanical loss reduction and built to improve the driving performance while retaining superior fuel efficiency by using hybrid system when accelerating.

Toyota claims that the newly re-engineered Power Control Unit of 2.0 Liter Hybrid System is 20 percent smaller and 10 percent lighter than the previous 1.8 liter model by Toyota which can place above the transaxle.

Toyota Power Control Unit

Toyota New Power Control Unit for 2 Liter Hybrid Systems

New Transaxle by Toyota is built to reduce the loss by 25 percent and Toyota has newly redesigned it by rolling coil structure with few wires and newly developed magnetic steel which will work as 2 motor mechanical power split types and the motor will be synchronous AC generates maximum power output of 80kw which is a 109PS and a maximum torque of 202 Newton per meters.

Toyota's new efficient transaxle

Toyota New Transaxle for 2 Liter Hybrid Systems

New Nickel Hydride Battery, Toyota made some changes to battery's cooling system to make it more compact and Toyota added 12 battery cells to the system to make the voltage 216.0v in total with a capacity of 6.5Ah. Altogether comparing the new battery with the previous 1.8 Liter battery, it's having 14.4V and this should be to enhance the performance of new transaxle.

Nickel Hydride Battery for Toyota 2 Liter Hybrid Systems

Toyota New Nickel Hydride Battery

Source - Toyota