Toyota Develops World's First Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) to Use a Launch Gear

Toyota CVT

Toyota announced the world's first Continuously Variable Transmission also known as CVT features a launch gear to improve transmission efficiency when the vehicle is driving low speeds and smoother response to throttle. By Introducing Direct Continuously Variable Transmission, Toyota wanted to reduce the mechanical loss which occur in transmission and speed changes.

To reduce the mechanical loss, CVT facilitates improved transmission efficiency in lower geat ratios where the auto transmission belt's efficiency is poor and when the vehicle accelerate from full stop with the gear drive driver can experience powerful acceleration compared to previous gear changing.

To improve the shift tracking, Toyota adopted launch gears results in reduced input load which enables the size of reduction of both belt and pulley components by implementing a narrowed belt angle and lower pulley diameters which will offer a 20 percent faster shifting with powerful acceleration.

Source - Toyota