Tesla, The Safest Car Manufacturing Factory In The World

Tesla zero gravity chair on production line

Tesla zero gravity chair

Elon Musk and other Co-founders took the factory automation to a new level and new state of art quality manufacturing facility in many ways. Ultimate objective was to built the world's best electric cars and making leap in the automobile industry. Everybody knows that tesla bought factory that NUMMI has dumped, With the team Elon they have innovated the premises to a whole new level by taking in natural sun light and painting the floors even with white color. Tesla even provided the staffs bikes to paddle one place to another because it's a big factory.

Tesla claims that they are world's safest car manufacturing factory And they have really good points to prove their point. Tesla's newly appointed Vice President for Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS). Laurie Shelby has been worked in the workplace safety for last 25 years. She states that there are good safety measures happening in the organization when she joins Tesla. And she is having more plans to implement with the team. The newly focusing points will be as below.

  • Learning and being proactive
  • Measuring Safety
  • Helping Workforce when injuries do occur
  • The Safest Cars for Customers and Employees
Tesla states that they are implementing above mentioned points with the factory. That's really good news, but should also note this will be a win win situation for the company next 365 days to achieve targets.

The learning and being proactive with the safety means lot of value to the company because safety. Tesla have introduced a zero gravity ergonomic chair to install parts Model 3. So almost nobody will be get injured by walk behind it. Also to note that Tesla will not only have Cars and SUVs  but the newly introduces trucks and container carries. This means a lot product pipeline, as an example when the production lines are getting busy and when a hazard got occurred it's impacting the entire production life cycle of the company.

Just like other manufacturing plants, Tesla also uses traditional workplace safety metric which is Total Recordable Incident Rate also known as TRIR to benchmark the factory standards. Tesla disclosed that according to their records in 2017, Fremont Factory has improved by 25% comparing with 2016 figures. 

At the same time Tesla shared a graph which showcase Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) by then when NUMMI owns the factory and by no when Tesla Owns the factory. Below graph should be obvious on the point because Tesla gave a visionary concepts to the world if they can't maintain the safety standards for their employees it will be a disaster and a failure. 

Tesla TRIR graph comparing with NUMMI

Tesla TRIR Graph

In the end of the press publication that Tesla published, they have mentioned that they are on the move of implementing model 3 production, newly hired medical staff to attend 24/7 in house consulting and athletic trainers who will be ready to address team member's aches and pains when they are working. 

This should be appreciated as a company who take these initiates for the teams which eventually make a positive impact on the organization as well.

Source - Tesla