Terrorist Group Supportive UK MPs wants Sri Lankan Defense Official Brigadier Priyanka Fernando to Expel

Brigadier Priyanka Fernando showing Sri Lankan flag to the LTTE supportive Protestors infront of Embassy of Sri Lanka in London

Brigadier Priyanka Fernando showing Sri Lankan flag to the LTTE supportive Protestors infront of Embassy of Sri Lanka in London

Sri Lanka, A land like no other. A land famous for tons of natural resources and beauty and a world's famous tourist destination but upon all, a country suffered by the actions of the world's most dangerous terrorist group at the time named LTTE (Liberation Tigers of  Tamil Elam) for 30 years till 2009 May. 

Sri Lankan forces and the government deployed a humanitarian operation and defeated the terrorist group which did massive destruction to the country's eco system and making huge amount general public to live with the fear of death and killed Indian respected gentleman named Rajiv Gandhi.

Brigadier Priyanka Fernando a Pride of a Nation

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Last 4th of February 2018, Sri Lanka celebrated the freedom gained from British in 1948. Embassy of Sri Lanka in London had a ceremony for this event on last 4th in London in the Embassy of Sri Lanka. Outside of the Embassy there were a LTTE supporters who representing the terrorist group LTTE and protesting stating that their nation is "Tamil Elam" and their leader is "Prabakaran".

A Sri Lankan defense official Brigadier Priyanka Fernando and some other officials came outside from the Embassy and watched the incident for a while and Brigadier Priyanka Fernando took his fingers around his neck by watching this incident. 

Two Parliament members who support LTTE and worked very hard to prove that Sri Lankan Army, Navy and Air force and war leading politicians including defense secretary  did war crimes in the humanitarian operation, wrote to the Foreign and Commonwealth secretary to expel Brigadier Priyanka Fernando from and withdraw his diplomatic papers on a incident of running fingers across his throat and claiming that it was to signal the slitting of one's neck.

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India was the first country to ban LTTE for assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, in 2nd of November 2001 United States named LTTE as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist Group (SDGT), EU banned LTTE and named it a terrorist group in 2000, UK banned LTTE in 2000 and Canada Banned LTTE and listed it as a terrorist group and rejecting to provide any LTTE members on the grounds of Canada. 

LTTE was very well known for Assassinations, Suicide Attacks, and violating human rights by attacking civilians, child solders, Ethnic cleansing, Execution of prisoners of war, Sea Piracy, Arms smuggling, People Smuggling, Extortion, Money Laundering, Passport Forgery, Drug Trafficking, Credit Card Fraud, Cyber Attaks. There are tons of pages written by UN and other global security agencies about LTTE and their activities to harm civilians in Sri Lanka and other countries.

We will wait to see what will be the reply from Foreign Minister and will wait to hear whether the UK wants to baby sit a group representing terrorist organization in London Streets by supporting to a terrorist group. UK hasn't suffered as Sri Lanka did, and definitely no Sri Lankan or other nation don't want to see civilians of UK suffer from terrorist attacks and lead the economy to a meltdown like never before. Remember why India banned LTTE for assassination of Rajiv Gandhi? What was the reason that UN declared LTTE as a terrorist group? LTTE was the ISIS back in the time in Sri Lanka. The damage they have done should definitely forget by the world.

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