Tadawul Stock Exchange Index Outlook - 21-Feb-2018

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Tadawul Stock Exchange Index Outlook is published in the end of trading day at Kisaki. We are planing to cover the summarized outlook for the Tadawul Stock Exchange for the day. 

Tadawul All Share Index Intraday Chart for 21 of February 2018

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What's new for the day?

It was mixed day for TASI index. TASI marked a decline of 0.47 of points and -0.0063%. Tadawul stock exchange had a SAR 2,775,651,635.34 and a volume 112,277,374. There were 71 gained listed symbols and 104 declined symbols in Tadawul Stock Exchange.

Health care Equipment & Svc sector gained 52.28 points 1.07% growth from previous trading day and marked the highest performing sector for the day. Transportation sector got gained 51.99 points 1.30% and marked the second highest performing sector in Tadawul Stock Exchange.

Media Sector got declined by 117.10 points 1.24% and marked as the highest declined sector in the Tadawul Stock Exchange.

Who are the top gainers?

By Representing Industrials sector Saudi Industrial Export Co. gained by 9.99% (24.44 Points). National Medical gained 9.98% 4.90 points by representing Health Care Sector, Saudi Fisheries which is a in Financials Sector gained 9.92% 2.77 points.

TASI Top 5 Gainers for 21of February 2018

Tadawul Stock Exchange Top Gainers

Who are the top losers?

Nijran Cement which representing Materials Industry marked a decline of 3.795% (-0.37), Dallah Healthcare marked a decline of 2.63% (-3.00) in Tadawul Securities Exchange.

TASI Top 5 Losers for 21of February 2018

Tadawul Stock Exchange Top Losers

Who are traded the most?

Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Development Co. which representing Real Estate Sector had the higher volume for the day, which is 21,007,305 Shares and Alinma Bank had the second highers volume for the day which is 18,698,446.

TASI Top 5 Volume for 21of February 2018

Tadawul Stock Exchange Most Traded

Who has the highest turnover?

Alinma Bank which representing Financial Sector had the highest turnover for the day which is SAR 378,138,063.86 and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation which represents Material Industry Sector had the second highest turnover for the day which is SAR 311,598,139.60.

TASI Top 5 Turnover for 21 of February 2018

Tadawul Exchange Exchange Top Turnover