Sri Lankan Government Suspends Brigadier Priyanka Fernando from Service

Brigadier Priyanka Fernando

Brigadier Priyanka Fernando Showing Sri Lankan Flag

The foreign ministry of Sri Lankan Government announced that they have suspend Brigadier Priyanka Fernando from Sri Lanka High Commission in London after the LTTE terrorist supporting  MPs of parliament in England sent a letter to Foreign Affairs Secretary for Foreign Ministry in England. Even before the UK issue such notice, Sri Lankan current government who kept complaining the about the humanitarian operation against LTTE, has suspended the duty with immediate effect.

When a country doesn't ruled by the correct leaders, the people who put much effort to unite the country has to suffer. This will be a huge backslash. There were lot of arrests took place when the current government came into power. There were many individuals who were in forces of Sri Lanka and got arrested due to non proved complaints, back in the time when they were in the humanitarian operation in north of Sri Lanka.

Government should have manage this situation more transparency to support to the forces in Sri Lanka and the defense patrol of country. As a country we should be proud to have a gentleman in forces and represented the pride of Sri Lanka against a group of terrorists protesters. We will be looking closely regarding this matter and will analyze closely how will it impact on the international relations.  

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Source - Foreign Affairs Ministry Sri Lanka