Rolls-Royce Lean-Burn Combustion Engine Starts Spinning

Rolls Royce Lean-Burn Combustion Engine in Derby, UK

Rolls Royce, the worlds most famous airplane engine manufacture tested their newly low emissions combustion system designed for future jets for the first time in their facility in Derby, UK. This engine was a Advanced Low Emission Combustion System known as ALECSys which ran for the first time and it demonstrate UltraFan program.

Rolls Royce also stated that the lean-burn system improves the pre mixing of fuel and air prior to ignition which deliver more complete combustion of the fuel and as a result of lower NOx and particulate emissions in the end which will improve fuel economy of the customers and as well as the environmental performance.

Rolls Royce received funds for this program by European Union by representing Clean Sky Sustainable and Green Engine. Advance3 test engine, had the same core architecture that used by the UltraFan which ignited last November 2017. And the power gearbox that will enable UltraFan to work efficiently at high bypass ratios reaching 70,000hp which was an aerospace record in last September 2017.

Source - Rolls Royce