PINE - World's Most Flexible Motion Controller

Kickstarter Project Introduces the World's Most Flexible Motion Controller for photography and videography and the gadget allows you to develop automated camera movements, 360 photo sphere photographs, panoramas, time-lapse, 3D model Phtogrammetry and couple of features up to user to be creative.

PINE can be connected to any slider or pantilt unit with stepper motors to perform and the controller can trigger various models. A PINE can be used to four motor outputs and two camera outputs concurrently. And you can extend the range by using multiple PINEs by Bluetooth v4.0 technology range of up to 100 meters (300ft). Configuring PINE can be done by using the mobile application which support your mobile device whether it's android or iOS.

Features of PINE

Features of PINE Motion Controller

Giga Pixel of PINE - By using the Giga Pixel feature in PINE, you will be able to capture images according to a pattern and you will be able to arrange by using a post processing software like Photoshop of something to generate a high quality panoramic image.

PINE - Giga Pixel Mode

360 of PINE - PINE is capable of capturing 360 degree images with a pan tilt head automatically without human interaction after giving the command.

PINE - 360 Mode

3D Scan of Pine - PINE is capable of scanning rotating objects or still objects and create a 3D model view of the object by automated triggers and high quality 3D models.

PINE - 3D Scan Mode

Video mode of PINE - PINE is capable of movements with video mode of PINE where used commonly in film making business, live production and visual effects and video production. Use will have the unlimited stops in a motion and keyframes in the video which will be recorded.

PINE - Video Recording Mode

Time-Lapse of PINE - PINE comes with a mode to time-lapse can be created by using unlimited number of key frames and stop motion capabilities with the PINE auto trigger option with a sequence to take a shot and move to the next shot.

Astro of PINE - PINE is capable of tracking stars for the sharper astro photos with compensate earth's rotation will allow the user to get long exposure shots of night sky.

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