NVIDIA Helps To Make Depression Treatments To Be More Effective and Personalized

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Depression is the most leading cause for disability and NVIDIA states that more than 300 million people globally affect by this. Even there are many treatment methodologies are there affected people needs something more unique for them. Just like what cancer patients gets by modified plasma and genetic treatments. This isn't the first time where the technology world tries to provide solutions for health issues in the world.

An startup wants to provide solution for this by using GPU accelerated deep learning to predict the best treatments based on a patient's symptoms. Depression is worse than cancer in many ways. Depression can make a human to suicide by him or her self when they do have time to live.

Unlike other diseases which are there Depression doesn't have a MRI, X-ray or blood test to make major decision and decide treatments for the patient. Aifred Health researchers combined, data which is from US National Institute of Mental Health and other sources started training their neural network on deep learning framework on NVIDIA GPUs in IBM Cloud Environment. In near future there will be a benchmark to diagnose a symptom and to provide more personalized treatments for the patients.

"That Suffering motivated us to find a better way and The idea is to give people the right treatments sooner so they get better faster." - Robert Fratila, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Airfred Health
NVIDIA Tesla GPUs has made the innovative idea to run smoother and faster for the Airfred Health simulations and modelling. And as the organization states this solution isn't invented to replace doctors but to offer better personalized quality treatments for patients.

Source - NVIDIA