Newest ARM Machine Learning Processor

ARM Machine Learning Processor Layers

ARM Machine Learning Processor Layer Diagram by ARM

ARM announced their latest Machine Learning Processor that is optimized and designed to accelerate machine learning. The new processor comes with multiple layers where it can be used by the mobile technologies and other performance focused businesses in the world. The Layering multiple in the build such as programmable layer engine to program the processor according the custom requirement and local memory location with network control unit and DMA.

arm machine learning processor applications

ARM Machine Learning Processor Applications

This state of art processor does can perform upto 4.6 TOPs with world class efficiency of 3 TOPs/W. Onboard memory locations reduces external memory traffic flowing into the processor. This newest processor will be most suitable for solutions to run neural networks where recommended to use in Mobile, Smart Camera, Consumer, Virtual Reality, Medical, Robotics, Drones and UAVs, Internet of Things Devices, Logistics, Home appliances, wearable and etc... 

Source - arm