MIT Seeking Materials That Can Replace Brain

MIT Researcher Polina Anikeeva

MIT Researcher Polina Anikeeva who wants to develop Materials That Can Replace Brain

Russian born, Polina Anikeeva who's in MIT explores the possibilities to develop materials that can be replaced with biological tissues in the brain. By blending physics with biology Polina is trying to find substitutes which can be flexible as brain tissue by using in house developed multipurpose fibers that can deliver electrical, optical and chemical signals to each neurons in the brain. They have developed fibers that can deliver signals as in spinal cord which has tested on animals by anesthetized and immobilized.

By injecting nano particles with active magnetic fields can be used to develop the ultimate goal of making human like brain and to provide accurate treatments for brain diseases and other critical diseases.

As Polina states, that there's nothing that exist in the world where to interface the experiment work. And the nervous system is just a really a huge scientific problem and being able to develop tools to understand it and study it.

Source - MIT