Microsoft and Xiaomi Signs Strategic MOU

Xiaomi Microsoft New Partnership

Xiaomi Founders and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in Xiaomi Retail Store

Xiaomi and Microsoft Signs Strategic Memorandum of Understanding in Cloud, Devices and AI with mutual benefits to lead in the business.

Cloud Support - Xiaomi will use Microsoft cloud platform to Xiomi's user data storage, bandwidth, computing and other cloud services in international markets.

Laptop Devices - Xiaomi will expand the support on joint marketing, channel support future product development with Microsoft to lead in the international markets.

Microsoft Cortana and Mi AI Speaker - Xiaomi will integrate Mi AI Speaker with Microsoft Cortana and compete together with leading brands.

AI Services - Microsoft's research and developments on AI Technologies, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Text Input, Conversational AI and other products will be used in Xiaomi to enhance the user experience.

This is good initiative but then again will this be the same end which Nokia mobile got ended?

Source - Xiaomi