Lamborghini's Newest Project for Classic Car Lovers

Lamborghini Miura

Lamborghini Miura at Salon Retromobile 2018 Paris

Lamborghini's special department located in Sant'Agata Bolongnese, Italy which undertakes restoring and providing spare parts for classic Lamborghini cars, show cased a project that classic car lovers will definitely fallen in love. This project is all about bringing a Lamborghini Miura with a V12  and 4liter Engine with all the classic features which rebuild in the factory. 

As Lamborghini states, this project took 10 months which was August 2017 to deliver which included the engine restoration, paint job, interior rebuild. This full restoration made it to dissemble each and every part of  the vehicle and a complete restoration with the spare parts from Lamborghini factory itself.

Lamborghini wanted to showcase the spare part manufacturing and the availability of spare parts for all the vehicles whenever customer needs them and without using replicas which can make damage to the vehicle.

Source - Lamborghini