Intel Xeon Scalable Processors for SAP HANA In-Database Machine Learning

Intel Xeon with SAP HANA in-database machine learning

Intel Xeon benchmark for SAP HANA in-database with machine learning

As per the global statistics there will be approximately 2GB of data that a average internet user will generate in the cycle of processing in 2021. And that's more than twice which generate currently by a average user. And a self driving car will generate approximately 5.5TB of data per a day. And a airplane which connected via satellite will create approximately 40TB of data per day. And a factory will generate data of 1000TB per a day which can go to 1PB in couple of hours. Because there's so much that automated and needs to keep a track on to make better and accurate decisions later or moments later.

As everybody knows machine learning could do greater things with greater moves and it creates lot of data which needs to compute rapidly. Intel announced that the combination of in-database machine learning on the SAP HANA platform and Intel Xeon Scalable processors addresses these challenges. Intel claims that running machine learning algorithms in the database eliminates latency and other delays that can occur when running the machine learning algorithm in a different location. 

Intel states that the premium processors of Intel, Xeon can address this issue by allowing the scalable solution for computing with SAP HANA in-database. The Xeon processor and the improvements result in faster performance for machine learning by supporting up to 1.5TB of memory with 28 cores and 56 threads per socket. By using Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel AVX-512) can accelerate machine learning performance and demanding computationally. By using Intel Ultra Path Interconnect also known as Intel UPI has three channels to enable connecting Intel Xeon Processors across high speed and low latency path which can scalable for 8 sockets which increase the performance that required by the machine learning algorithms. 

With all above Intel's Nervana Neural Network Processor manage artificial intelligence demanding work requests to the processor which works flexible and scalable.

Source - Intel