Innovative 5G Ready Microwave Transport Layer by Nokia

5G ready Microwave Transport Layers by Nokia

Nokia is planning to showcase the fully fledged 5G ready mircowave transport solution with Nokia's New Ultra-broadband transceiver (UBT-S) full E2E 10G connectivity and dual band components which can power next generation data flow and transport mechanism. These network will provide multi gigabit throughput and ultra low latency together with end to end high capacity interfaces.

It will be easy for install and it will be easy to configure with base station. Broadcasting platforms are supporting multi frequency including microwave-millimeter wave, microwave-microwave and dual band devices will keep distributing the network with high load. These new microwaves support layer 3 virtual private network (L3VPN) services with already included microwaves to create virtual private routed network (VPRN).

Source - Nokia