How Far Elon Made From Anti Ticket Mode 2015 YouTube video?

How Far Elon Musk Made From Anti Ticket Mode 2015 YouTube Video

How far Tesla actually came from the Anti Ticket Mode 2015 YouTube Promo video, Really? Let's talk about the tech stuffs related to it. There was a Promo add which published by Tesla in 2015 and showed off some amazing tech advancements in the electric cars that Tesla making. But we believe Tesla hasn't implemented half of the tech stuffs which are showed off since 2015 by passing almost 3 years.

If you watched this video and got impressed and thought that the advancement came thought that the video features are real, it was April Fool. 

But to the point Tesla can't recognize traffic lights and it's not fully autonomous yet. There aren't lot of good news coming out from the company itself regarding the tech advancements. But they have provided more models to the market where they might have hardware to go full autonomous. Truth is when really will it come out? The rules are dragging up and Elon, the real life Mr. Stark keep focusing and keep people busy from Tesla with Boring Company, SpaceX and Neuralink.