Google Clip Hits Stores With Starting Price at 249USD

Google Clip

Google Clip. Image Credit - Google

The project Google Clip that announced by the google on last October 2017 that allows people capture moments with the simplest and automated way hits to stores with a price tag of 249USD. You can purchase the product from Google Store, Best Buy, B&H and Verizon.

Moments Shot by Google Clip. GIF Credit  - Google

Google Clip is a device that everybody can take photo with. Just Point and Snap the moment just like point and shoot camera in the past. You can directly upload the photos to google drive or enable auto sync and view the photos by Google Photos. Everything that comes to the Google Photos or Google Drive you will have all the fundamental privacy settings to keep your photos within your circle or to yourself. 

Updating the device can be done by connecting it with the phone and it's easy to charge. Device is durable since the concepts which are used primary and fundamental.

Source - Google