DroneMax 360 - Multi Purpose Portable Power Station by Energen

DroneMax 360 by EnerGen

Energen wants to re-engineer how you use power in remote locations and where you needed the most. DroneMax 360 is a compact portable power solution for charging and powering the electronic devices you need mostly.

DroneMax 360 is designed for drone users to power up their drone batteries with 20% faster charging time and with the capability of charging the drone more than 4 times. And this device can be re-charged by using 21W or 50 Watt the solar panel.

DroneMax 360 Attachable Devices and Working Hours

DroneMax 360 Attachable Devices and Working Hours

This device have two AC Outlets which can deliver 120W in total, 12V DC Car Adapter, Aluminum Heat Dissipating Body to durability and heat transmission, Rubber Bumper to ensure durability with easy to carry option, Emergency power source, 3 cell & 4 crll battery switch panel for drone charging, DC-DC ports, two USB C ports, two USB A Type ports and this device is compatible with DJI Phantom, DJI Mavic Pro and Yuneec.

DroneMax360 Ports and Features

1. On/Off Button
2. Power Input
3. 12V Charging Port
4. Direct Charging Port for Drone Batteries
5. Output Selection switch for Port 1
6. Output Selection switch for Port 2
7. Direct Charging Port for Drone Batteries
8. 2x USB Type C Ports
9. 2x USB Type A Ports
10. AC Power On/Off Switch
11. Cooling Fan
12. AC Power status Indicator
13. AC 3 Prong Outlet
14 AC 2 Prong Outlet

The team who developed DroneMax360 have previously developed the product which is a charging station for drones. 

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