Drinking Wine Will Weak Your Heart Says Harvard Medical School

Red Wine Glass

Red Wine Glass by WineMag

There were lot of movie scenes which made up with drinking a glass of wine or more with a every meal. And there was a French Paradox which refers to drinking wine will lead to relatively low rates of heart disease among french. By following the theory of that scientist have found that the host of beneficial plant compounds known as polyphenols which can be found in red and purple grape skins as well as wide range of vegetables, nuts and fruits in the farms.

Though the polyphenols explained the reason why to less heart diseases, the diet also a major point to discover the facts. By a research conducted by Harvard affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center states that the point of drinking red wine will be able to avoid heart diseases is weak. This discovery was published by Dr. Kenneth Mukamal who is an internist in Harvard.

Though the Red Wine is advertised as a heart protective, Dr. Mukamal states that they have found zero evidence to prove the fact. And recommends to take and enjoy by 5 ounces which means a one person serving to avoid alcoholic damages to the heart longer term. 

Source - Harvard