Chinese Automaker to use NVIDIA powered ZF ProAI to Level 3 Autonomous Cars



One of the famous Chinese car manufacture, Chery plans to use new ZF ProAI System which is a product and powered by NVIDIA to make their cars autonomous up to Level 3 and sell in global markets.On last 16th of January 2018, CEO of ZF Konstantin Sauer announced this big news at North American International Auto Show.  

NVIDIA Drive Xavier

NVIDIA Drive Xavier

NVIDIA claims that ZF ProAI is the world's most advanced and powerful computer what can fit in a car and does the stuffs computes by AI as benchmark performing which is 30 deep learning trillions of operations per seconds (TOPS) using only 30 watts of power.

Chery Interconnected car testing for safety

Chery Testing Interconnected Cars for Safety

By bringing them to a globally accessible point Chery does have a good reputation in Chinese market as well as more than 50 countries in the world. By taking partnerships to a whole new level and partnering with Baidu NVIDIA will have a great growth in coming months.

At the same time this news will be a new competition for uber as well as tesla who is planing to conquer the autonomous vehicle world and transportation.

Source - NVIDIA