ARM Introduces Platform Security Architecture for IoT

ARM Platform Security Architecture PSA Model

ARM Platform Security Architecture PSA Model

IoT industry and connected devices are facing a threat that at the moment which is finding a way to secure the gateways and processors and the network. UK's famous chipmaker came up with a solution to this to provide Platform Security Architecture also known as PSA to secure the IoT industry. 

ARM's mission is to provide the solution that developers needs to access to hardware itself and manipulate the hardware to provide security from their end which is getting different to scenario. ARM states that there are three stages of PSA. Analyze the Threat Models and Security Analyses (TMSA), Hardware and firmware architecture specifications, firmware source code implementation.

Understanding better about the threat models will can only identify by using making a 360 analysis of the environment and scenarios and it's depending upon the scenario which the developers are trying to adapt the IoT device. As per ARM reports the famous IoT devices are Smart Water Meter, Web Camera And Tracking Device which can give multiple variations of datasets to process.

By the end of March 2018 ARM plans to deliver Trusted Firmware-M which can make security simpler at a lower cost that will enable the developers to work across and to provide Secure Processing Environment also known as SPE to make the devices more highly secured.

Source - ARM