Allianz, Aon, Apple, Cisco, introduce Cyber Risk Management with Cyber Insurance

Cyber Security Solution by CISCO Apple AON and Allianz


Big news for insurance industry, hackers, and cyber security specialists around the world. Apple, Cisco the tech giants take hands with Aon and Allianz to introduce a Cyber Risk Management and Cyber Insurance program.

Apple & Cisco announced that the new solution will provide comprehensive evaluation known as Cyber Resilience Evaluation by AON, CISCO Ransomware Defence and Cyber Insurance as the comprehensive solution what businesses need.

In the coming years CISCO predicts that global loss will be over $2.1 trillion by malware and ransomware attacks. According to CISCO figures, more than 68% US businesses haven't purchased a cyber liability or data breach coverage or insurance program. And CISCO introduce the below model to global enterprise and businesses to get covered.

Cyber Security Solution by CISCO Apple AON and Allianz

By the comprehensive analysis which provides by AON and CISCO's DNS layer level security, the world's most advanced smart devices and the reputed and bigger insurance firm Allianz will take upon your business risk.

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Source - Apple, CISCO