Airbus Will Have a Tough Time on Assembling Pipelines After The British Exit

airbus parts of the plane and the manufacturing places

Illustration by Bloomberg which shows the Airbus Planes Assembling Parts

Airbus, one of the world's leading air plane manufacture in Europe, will have a tough time after the British Exit which will make direct impacts on their assembly pipeline. Bloomberg made a diagram by taking in AirBus data set to show that how the assembly will make impacts on delivery time and the operation cost for manufactures.

One of the most complex parts in airplane the wing, currently Only UK manufacturer and develop the wing. After the Brexit, transportation cost to tax implements to unemployment to travel cost will be higher than typical production pipeline. Airbus do have a higher risk in the production of A350 and A320 which will decide organization's growth in many ways. The Chinese assembly plant of AirBus in Tianjin working closely with a Korean manufacture named Korea Aerospace Industries to manufacture new wing panels which can fitted into A320. 

It was and always UK is more closer to heart of France than China or Mexico where AirBus have the manufacturing plants.

Source - Bloomberg & Airbus