Airbus Built first Radar Satellite Launched

PAZ Satellite by Airbus

PAZ Satellite by Airbus. Image Credit - Airbus

Airbus built first Radar Satellite launched on last 22nd of February from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, United States of America and positioned in 514 Km orbit and contacts has been established with DLR Ground Control Centre in Germany where the Airbus engineers are working on Launch and Early Orbit Phase which is known as LEOP to check and configure the satellite to ensure that the satellite's communication systems are working as planned.

Airbus plans to make the satellite ready to work from May 2018. There were 15 European companies and three universities contributed to PAZ Satellite which Airbus won the contract to built. PAZ satellite is equipped with Synthetic Aperture Radar also known as SAR technology for high flexibility and large and different image resolutions. The satellite also takes whether surveillance for 24x7. 

Airbus designed the PAZ to cater Spanish government and commercial needs with a investment tag of 160 million euros. The data which will be collected from the satellite will be used and given to European Union's Earth Monitoring Program as well.

Source - Airbus