What is an online Blog - Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr

If you have a passion to write and if you are passionate to express what you love doing, online blogging might be the best way to make it happen. It's possible to make blogging privately or public depending on your requirement. Also to mention that blogging category goes as content management systems in the general world. And the below mentioned platforms are specific on blogging.

To make a blog up and running and to make it online, you can use privately hosted by paying from your wallet for hosting or else you can use free hosted blog services.

There are multiple blogging portals in the internet some are open source and some are paid depending on the services that you are looking for.


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Blogger is an online blogging platform founded by Pyra Labs in 23rd of August 1999 and acquired by google in February 2003. With the departure of Pyra Labs's co founder Evan Williams google redesigned in 2004. 

Google's acquisition made all the premium features free and with the acquisition of picasa google made lot of value addition to blogger.

And it's free of charge for you to use. You can add sub domain in the first time and setup a 3rd party URL later which can be purchase godaddy or some other registry. 

When the blog keeps growing with photos and videos your typical free 30GB capacity will be reduced and this will make you to purchase extra amount of space to cater your blog which is a simple thing. You also can add your own XML templates to your blog and customize accordingly.

You can simply go to www.blogspot.com and Signup for a new account if you don't have a gmail.com/ google account.


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Wordpress also another commonly used blogging platform which can host separately at your server with mysql server or you can use free version of wordpress without hosting by your own. It made their first release on 27th of May 2003 and written by php. As per the stats which have published by them, Wordpress is used 29% in top 10 million websites globally.

You can simply signup by using https://wordpress.com/start/free/ and use wordpress free. Or else you can choose what's the plan that suite you and check on based on pricing. If you are using your own server to setup wordpress it will be for free and you will need to host it on your own top level domain or sub domain. You can also add templated for your wordpress site and customize accordingly.


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Tumblr is a blogging platform founded in 2006 which is acquired by Yahoo on 20th May 2013. Tumblr is a basic type of quick blogging platform which is easy to use. It's hosted by Yahoo and it's free of charge to use. There are not much themes which are available for it's users but still it's simple and fast platform something like social blogging platform. You can simply signup by using https://www.tumblr.com/ and start using it.