Nokia Network Systems is to use Quantum Computing to Network Security

image credits - Nokia

Nokia again injecting their the roots of business with innovative enterprise level technology advancement to the world. This time it's optical transmission and to make it more secured.

It's costing millions and millions of dollars to organizations and general public when the data is hacked and flown freely through the networks globally without restrictions or bypassing the firewall rules or known and unknown methods. When in optical networks, it's much complex.

Nokia Network Systems new model to enterprise encription

A faster chip in million times than today, with the aid of cryptography and quantum computing concept and with Encryption Standard (AES)-256 encryption Nokia is planning on something big to protect security standards and global networking infrastructure to be more secured and to make secure. 

Nokia Network Systems new business model

It will be another game changing milestone for them to be back on track and to get strong on financial downfall. This will definitely change how the security breaching and number of transaction crimes on banks.

Source - Nokia