How to Build Your Forum Brand and Community - Why You Should Have a Forum Article 1

Online Forums are very common among developers and as well as general public to get tips and solve some questions that they have regarding almost everything. 

The forums are managed and hosted by some group or an individual with the intention of free service providing to users and to build a great community to support each other. Some forums are only for some organizations which are setup to support their users and clients where you can ask questions about the services that they provide and that organization have assigned officials to reply to questions and it will help them to build a great content with the time and the user base.

It depends on the the what you really you want to do by creating and managing a blog.

There are multiple forum platforms you can use to setup your own forum brand. Either you host it by your own or you host it in the cloud  you can make your forum online. 

Why do you want a Forum?

It's important to understand why you really need a forum. 

Do you own a IT Service or Software Development firm?

If you are running your IT service or Software Development business, It's better you start creating a forum for your users to start asking questions about the matters that they have about the applications or services that you provide.

Assume that if your company do have a shopping app and it's new to the market. If you setup your forum now it self, there will be new users who have questions regarding how to use the application and operational questions that needs to clarified and you can ask them to publish it over the forum and the your organization's agent can reply directly to the question what user asking and day by day the the questions and everything that they add will be there in a database and it will be available to the users. So when they google for an answer or when the users start search the blog they can might be able to find the similar issues that asked by another person before. So they can simply try that option out before making a ticket request to the helpdesk.

For an example assume that your company sells WiFi hotpots in rural areas, And somebody needs to know will the WiFi is available in National Park Public Bus Station, So when a customer of yours publish the post in the forum, support team and reply or a person who has used WiFi hotspot in National Park Public Bus Station will reply to the post and will find the answer quickly and when another person wants to check WiFi hotspots are available in National Park Public Bus Station they will get the answer from that previous forum answer.

It's really a win win situation for the organization and to your users. You will not need to put much effort in to the supporting your users to run through stuffs and there will be a time where the heavy user's of your application will start replying to discussions that other users ask in the forum.

Do you own a local business with lot of staff member?

If you owning a business with lot of staff members, it's a cooler way to make the knowledge distribution via a private forum only for the staff members. It will make the staff transitions more efficient and work process more easy. This can be used by large government organizations as well as private organizations to do more stuffs.

Imagine when a staff member resign from a super market where his role is to manage the super market store, And when the newly assigning member can be used forum to understand process more efficient and build the new work flow much easy even the old staff member didn't give much introduction.

And when a staff member is absent, it will be easy for another staff member to take over for that day by using the forum which is already online with the information which has been updated earlier. 

Do you want to make money?

If you want to make some cash online, forum will be a great way to start with. You can start the forum as a multiple revenue generate method. You can advertise on your forum or you can sell subscriptions of your forum.

If you focus your forum to generate revenue via advertising, you should not focus on selling subscriptions to your forum. It's because when it's free and when you focus on users that means there will be more content in your forum and more hits coming to your forum, for advertisers this what they need. You can setup the forum and start off with little by little with your friends or family with simple questions and stuffs. You can invite tech geeks, other communities to get on-board to your forum and start helping others.

If you are building forum for subscription that means you need to have rich content. Lets say you are a finance guru and you have a great knowledge with financial markets, personal finance managing and stuffs as such. You can start selling subscription for your forum for people where it's possible to community members to access the forum by using the subscriptions which you can decide on billing monthly, daily or annually.

For an example lets say that you are trading in New York Stock Exchange and you are good at it and your strategies make good gains, So you can simply start off a forum with a website or a blog where you can sell signals and other answers for subscriptions that sold for your forum. So another newbie trader who is trading in New York Stock Exchange can come to your forum and follow up your trading signal where you say to buy and sell equities.

Do you want to create a community for a cause?

If you are having an organization which fight for a cause or if you are a NGO which fight for something, You can build a forum and start publishing content related to it and make more awareness for the cause that you are fighting with your members and newbies. 

Imagine you are having an organization who fights against deforestation, what you can do is start a forum to make the members together to a one point and publish their questions and provide answers and provide advises to points which are there in the content. And more people will be inspired by it and fight deforestation in multiple regions. In addition you can publish some advertisements and generate some cash by where you can reinvest on what you are fighting for.