Tesla Model 3 Reservation

Tesla Announced their model 3 reservation yesterday (21st of March 2016) to be start on 31st of March 2016 globally. Tesla introduce two ways to do the reservation.

  • 1st way is to find a local Tesla store and queue your order on 31st of March 2016. 
  • 2nd option will be to place your reservation via online which will start start from 8:30PM PT.
Tesla says they are maintaining different queues for each regions to make the reservation to be fair as possible. Exiting customers will get priority in each region when they buying Model 3, Model S or Model X.

Reservation cost will be as bellow in different currencies and reservation payment will be fully refundable if you are planing to cancel the order or if you are planing to purchase Model S or Model X, you can transfer your reservation payment toward your new choice.

USD$ 1,000
CAD$ 1,000
MXN$ 20,000
EUR€ 1.000
DKKkr. 10.000
GBP£ 1,000
NOKkr. 10.000
CHFCHF 1’000
SEK10.000 kr
AUD$ 1,500
RMB¥ 8,000
HKD$ 10,000
JPY¥ 150,000

Model 3 Production will be start by late 2017 and deliveries will start from North America and after Europe and Asia region as well. 

image - Tesla Motors Inc stock performance 

With the announcement Tesla shares were up by 2.4% for the day and it seems a pretty consolidated trading for the day.

Source - Tesla Motors