Volvo: Automated Refuse Bins with Robots (Project ROAR)

image - Volvo Group

Volvo is a well known organization for extended customer satisfaction, Safety and automobile automation for a long period of time. This is about their newest innovative project idea which made it a reality by students from Chalmers University of Technology, Malardlen University, Penn State University in United States and Renova.

The project name is ROAR. There are lot of man hours getting used globally to maintain a sustainable waste management. ROAR is a automated refuse handling is a navigated by quad copter or a drone and garbage bin collected by a smart robot which use multiple navigation and real time situation management theories.

This videos means it's taking some time long bit hopefully this will be an amazing initiative which combined with safety and accuracy.

"We predict a future with more automation. This project is intended to stimulate our imagination, to test new concepts that may shape transport solutions of the future" - Per Lage Gotvall, Project Manager for Robot Development in the Volvo Group

Source - Volvo Group