TESLA: Summon, The Autopilot

image - TESLA

By 10th of January 2016, Tesla introduced new autopilot features to further enhance the convenience and safety with remote parking technology known as Summon.

As TESLA says Summon will address three primary objectives.

1. Summon addresses a significant safety risk inherent to driver operated vehicles in tight quarters. When maneuvering a vehicle in these conditions, the significance of driver blind spots grows immensely such as immediately infront of, beside or behind the car. NHTSA estimates for 2008 and 2011 shows that more than 900 people killed and another 52,000 injured by vehicles backing up in USA alone.
2. Summon improves the convenience of the parking experience, providing access to narrow spaces that would otherwise have been off limits given the difficulty they pose for opening, entering and exiting a typical door.
3. Summon lays important groundwork for an increasingly autonomous world. Autopilot began this process on the highways. Summon begins it in your garage.

Source - TESLA