Pentax: Full Frame Digital SLR K-1

image - Pentax

With 35mm full frame sensor Pentax announce it's K-1 Digital SLR. And here what Pentax tell about the Pentax K-1 birth.

"This wasn't the case with the PENTAX K-1. In the spring few years ago, I was invited to a meeting organized by our engineers. At the meeting, I was joined by a group of more than 10 engineers from various engineering fields - mechanical, electrical, firmware designing and optical. Read more..."
image- Pentax

It's with a 1/800 second shutter speed and 1080p/ 30fps video possibility. There's more, it's with a 3.2 inch LCD, 5 axis image stabilization, almost 100 % viewfinder coverage, By using Applying Microscopic vibrations to the image sensor Pentax says that their K-1 can reduce moire at a lowest level OLPF. Most certainly this camera body do have small LEDs to light up memory card slot when you are in dark and you need to change memory card.

image - Pentax
Source - Pentax