Intel: Memory Encryption Engine for Processors

image - Intel Inc

Shay Gueron in Intel Corporation, Intel Development Center, Israel and University of Haifa, Israel done a research paper regarding "A memory Encryption Engine Suitable for General Processors". In the abstract it's mentioned as bellow.

"Cryptographic Protection of memory is an essential ingredient for any technology that allows a closed computing system to run software in a trustworthy manner and handle secrets, while it's external memory is susceptible to eavesdropping and tampering."

Real World Analysis, 
"We challenge the cryptographic bound of the 56 bit MAC tags and 56 bit counters, under an idealized adversary assumption. This adversary can harvest chosen input memory traces at absolute accuracy, with no time spent on copying and storing them for analysis."

For further article says that "This is an example for such a technology is Intel's emerging Software Guard Extensions Technology (Intel SGX) that appears in the least processor generation, Architecture Codename Skylake."

Access to White Paper
Source - Intel Blog