General Motors: GM Powertrain becomes GM Global Propulsion Systems

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After launching in 1992 General Motors change Powertrain to Global Propulsion Systems in 2016. As GM says Global Propulsion System is collectively the group of more than 8600 people that design, engineer and develop all propulsion products and controls for GM worldwide.

" The new name is another step on our journey to redefine transportation and mobility. Global Propulsion Systems better conveys what we are developing and offering to our customers an incredibly broad diverse lineup - ranging from high tech 3 cylinder gasoline engines to fuel cells, V8 diesel engines to battery electric systems" - Mark Reuss, Executive Vice President for Global Product Development

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After analyzing the journey of GM and the investments in Spring Hill Manufacturing, it seems the evolution continues in the automobile industry 2020 in a global competitive environment. V8 and other gasoline vehicles combust more energy than hybrids does. What will happen when a sudden oil price rising in the global market? What will be the GM's back up plans for sales?

" Gone are the days when a gasoline engine and a transmission designed independently meet a customer's expectations. Today's customers are demanding unprecedented technology integration that requires unprecedented engineering and supplier partnerships. The diversity of our propulsion system requires a name that reflects what we are already working on and delivering to our customers. I believe this will establish and industry trend." - Dan Nicholson, Vice President for GM Global Propulsion Systems
 With the new business model will there is a chance where GM sell V8 engines and new 3.6 V6 engines to other automobile manufactures globally. And GM says that their new Chevrolet Bolt EV can do a mileage of 200 by a single charge.

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Source - GM News Room