Tesla Lotus Roadster

Image - Tesla Motors

Tesla Roadster

A longer term strategy of a solid business plan at the time when Tesla team dreaming about a company which not had auto-mobile engineers very beginning, But they needed to have amazingly engineered sport car as their first product to the consumers.  

After convincing Roger Becker 2004 at LA Auto Show Marc and Martin Eberhard took the partnership to convert Lotus Elise to Tesla Roadster because "Lotus Elise's chassis is a work of a genius" as Martin says. With Tesla AC induction motor and single speed gear can accelerate Tesla Roadster 0 to 60 mph (0 to 90 Kmh) in 3.7 seconds.


- Tesla only manufactured three Tesla Roadsters before regular series production on 17th of    March 2008.
- Tesla delivered 27 cars by 10th of September 2008.
- More than 70 cars delivered by 19th of November 2008.
- 100th car delivered by 9th of December 2008.
- End of May 2009 Tesla delivered 500th Tesla Roadster.
- 700 Roadsters delivered by 15th of September 2009.
- By 13th of January 2010, 1000th Tesla Roadster delivered.
- Tesla started producing right hand drive Roadsters for UK and Ireland in January 2010 by     keeping a price tag of 86,950 GBP.
- Production stopped in 2012 January and more than 2,418 cars were sold globally.


- Safety recall for all 345 Tesla Roadsters manufactured before 22nd of April 2009.