Tesla Motors Inc - General Info

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Initiated by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in 2003 till Elon Musk joined the organization as the chairman of the board of directors by Series A Round Financing in February 2004, Tesla is an American public company listed on NASDAQ.

Journey started as per the business plan bring Roadster, which was the 1st exclusive electric sport car by Tesla with the envision to replace roads with Eco friendly vehicles.


Numbers and Facts 


- Listed Exchange - NASDAQ
- Symbol - TSLA
- Institutional ownership - 65.05%
- Non Institutional ownership - 34.95%
- Total Shares outstanding - 131 million USD
- Total Value of holdings - 17,650 million USD

Top 5 share Institutional share holders
FMR LLC11,980,665
Baillie Gifford & Co9,511,949
Price T Rowe Associates Inc8,011,439
Morgan Stanley4,134,052
Vanguard Group Inc3,973,142

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